Friday, December 6, 2019

Quick career update

When you keep a blog for fun since 2003, you get used to the fact that every so often you’ll end up writing a "Hey, this is what's changed", usually followed by "I'll start posting more often (promise)". Well, this is one of those :-).

After 3 great years with Microsoft UK, I've relocated to Microsoft in Germany and started in a new role. In the UK, I started as a Cloud Solutions Architect in the Finance Industry, and 1,5 yrs later moved to CSA Manager for Data&AI focusing in Retail, Travel and Transport. While in this role, I had the privilege of leading a team of fantastic data architects, of hiring a generation of new Data Architects for the Customer Success Unit, and was also the AI Lead for the CSU. I got much closer to the world of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, ranging from the technical to the societal/ethical sides.

Now in Germany, I am Global CSA in the US National CSA Team, meaning I work with US customers with presence in EMEA, supporting them in their transformation journeys to Azure. This meant getting back closer to technology and specifically to the Appdev space.

I still follow the AI/ML space every day, now seemingly entering the "disillusionment" phase of Gartner's hype cycle, with issues raised in bias, ethics, etc., while at the same time the technology keeps progressively entering our lives.

So to sum it up, and getting back to the promise I mentioned at the top: you can expect to see more activity here, and the topics will likely be a mix of Appdev on Azure (e.g.,  LogicApps,  API Management, DevOps or Kubernetes) and AI/ML. In this later topic, I post very often on Twitter on @lokijota on developments and topics I feel are more relevant or interest me - and always trying to avoid the over-hype that plagues the industry.

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