Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two years at Microsoft and a new challenge – a short reflection

Hard to believe it’s been two years since I moved to the UK and started an adventure at Microsoft!
I joined as a Cloud Solution Architect in May/2016 working with customers in Financial Services, then transitioned to Cloud Applications Solution Architect, a similar role but more focused on AppDev/PaaS services. Did the role well and got good results, and since January/2018 I eventually moved [back] to a managerial role and started as a Cloud Solution Architect Manager. I also changed industry vertical to focus now on the more dynamic Retail,Travel & Transport – where I have done more work in the totality of my career – and the new technology area of Data&AI, which actually covers a broad spectrum covering Big Data, Data Lake, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning/Data Science, cognitive services, and even IoT. It’s not an area where I have historically a lot of experience, but I’m both learning fast and  lucky to be working with an absolutely awesome team doing amazing work in some of the most important Azure customers.

One of the threads I’ve picked up recently in the Customer Success Unit is that of Artificial Intelligence, where I’m leading conversations and coordinating local investments. A fascinating area where not only Microsoft but all the big players are investing massively – Facebook and Google are names who tend to show up a lot (I’m still trying to understand what IBM Watson actually *does*, and AWS seems slightly less visible).

With Microsoft being a platform company and not focused on the delivery of services to consumers like some of the others, we tend perhaps not to be as visible or have the the same “coolness” factor, but that also frees us to focus our own investments in ethical AI and doing the right thing for our customers, under the leadership of Satya Nadella. And in the products we do deliver to consumers, like Office or Windows, you can see some of the investments in AI coming to very large numbers of people, all at once – the accessibility or translation features in PowerPoint or Skype being good examples. Together with Quantum Computing it's what interests me more in what the company is doing.

Anyway, since picking up the AI flag I’ve been posting interesting things I read on both Twitter and Linkedin (not just Microsoft contents…), so follow me if you have an interest in knowing what I’m chasing: Twitter / Linkedin.

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