Thursday, December 10, 2015

«Creating a great [software] engineering culture» roundtable at Merge Lisbon #3

This evening I’ll be participating, together with people from local companies Uniplaces, Talkdesk and GrandUnion, in a panel on how to create a great software engineering culture, at the third meeting of Merge Lisbon.

An interesting topic, in a world were startups are born everyday focused on delivering an MVP as soon as possible (and not quality), where people stay less and less time in their jobs or simply freelance and pick only the really enticing projects, where Agile can on occasion lead to sloppiness, where people (rightly) enjoy working from home, and where – very often – the “bits are worth less”, for example when developing microsites for events or apps for short-lived festivals. Being based in Lisbon, I could also add: and where people leave all the time to work in the UK, the Netherlands or Switzerland.

I’ll come back here after the panel, surely with new ideas.

More information here (but it’s been fully booked for some time, I’m told).

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