Friday, May 22, 2015

ITARC15 Architecting a Large Software Project - Lessons Learned

This morning I presented my “Lessons Learned” workshop at ITARC 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. This session had previously been presented at Netponto, and was improved with more content targeted at software architects and also updated with more current information. The goal of the workshop (3,5 hours!) is to share experiences and discuss approaches in developing complex software projects. I had great feedback from the participants, and provocative and relevant questions.

One issue that did come up is the definition of “Large”: this was a large project for Portugal’s standards, plus it was complex and took a long time until release. But for local Swedish standards, it wasn’t that “large” Smile. Even so, the contents are general enough to be interesting, or so I was told. Also it was interesting to learn about some cultural differences between Portugal and Sweden – and those were much less than would be expected.

Great session, loved doing it. Here’s the slidedeck, for those interested.