Thursday, June 26, 2014

Microsoft Developer TechRefresh 2014 - Lisboa

Last week (June 18) I presented two sessions at the 2nd edition of the TechRefresh event in Lisbon. The first session (“Azure WebSites: 9 new things”) was an update of the Azure Bootcamp session I did last march, now focusing on the new[est] features on Azure WebSites. A demo-heavy session to a full room, it included:

  1. Backup and Restore (and a bit of Visual Studio Online “Monaco”)
  2. AlwaysOn
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  3. WebJobs (the SDk was updated the day before, had no time to update the demos, but the demo still worked)
  4. Traffic Manager – a new demo, it included creating sites in two data centers and then checking which gets hit from different world regions (using;
  5. Diagnostics, Monitoring and Alerts
  6. Remote Debugging
  7. Staged Publishing – showed the new and amazingly flexible “deployment slots”
  8. Realtime with SignalR+WebSockets
  9. Realtime and auto-scaling with SignalR and a ServiceBus backend

Right after this session, I was on the “Architecture Snacks” panel with Luis Calado, José António Silva and Virgílio Esteves. Each of us presented real-life architecture challenges with Windows Azure solutions (mine were both related to hybrid scenarios), and discussed possible solutions and approaches with the other panelists and audience. Good session with interesting feedback

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