Thursday, May 22, 2014

Microsoft WebCamp 20.05.2014–Databinding with KnockoutJS

Earlier this week I did a presentation at Microsoft WebCamp 2014, a 3-track event focused on Microsoft web technologies, open source web libraries, and design/communication trends and tendencies. The session as a level ~250-300 session on KnockoutJS, Steven Sanderson’s et al. data-binding Javascript framework.

Earlier, my colleague and friend André “SharePoint God” Vala did a session on AngularJS, so we got to share information on two libraries with very different levels of abstraction for web development. Had about 70-80 people in the room, in what was session with more code samples I’ve done for some time now.

You can download the slides here or check them on Slideshare, and the code samples are here.