Thursday, June 14, 2012

«Software Estimation–A Step Closer to the Silver Bullet» @ NetPonto Lisboa 16/06

Two months ago I delivered a very well received presentation at Netponto about Team Dynamics and motivation (slides in portuguese here: Dinâmica e Motivação de Equipas de Projecto).

This next Saturday I’ll be presenting on the topic of Software Estimation. Here at |create|it| we have always had a very strong focus and investment on the quality of our estimation and project management, and we use several techniques from authors such as Steve McConnell and Mike Cohn. The presentation builds on some choice approaches we selected mainly from these authors in the last 10 years, and in addition to describing them, I’ll be talking on how we use them, hoping to give attendants some field tips from our experience

Hope to see you there.


PS: Next June 21’s the portuguese Scrum Community will hold an avent to commemorate the member number 1000. Lear more about is here, the agenda looks pretty interesting!

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