Friday, May 27, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 and BizTalk 2010 File Locking Problems

I’ve had several situation with large solutions in VS2010 where assemblies get locked and references need to be constantly fixed, failing compilations. I would get errors when copying the DLL’s from the OBJ into the BIN folders, or even copying a schema assembly into the bin folder of the maps project which uses it. One “detail” (or not) was that the BizTalk and C# projects in the solution where upgraded from previous versions (BTS2004).

Using SysInternal’s Handle.exe tool, I found it was Devenv itself locking the assemblies.

I’ve tried several solutions that didn’t work, including:

  • disable vs extensions
  • stop windows indexing service
  • make sure Copy Local is set to True in all the references
  • the same fix that was used with VS2008+BTS2009 (documented here) of setting Private True in the project file;
  • adding the the famous GenerateResourceNeverLockTypeAssemblies config in the project files (documented here, see Benson’s response).

What eventually solved the issue was a variation of the first solution Benson gave in the previous link, and which is documented here in a StackOverflow response by Godeke: code a small command line tool (VisualStudioLockWorkaround) that removes locks and which you add as a pre-build script to the troublesome VS projects. It’s ugly, but it solved my problem, after some hours of trying to figure out what was happening.

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