Friday, February 20, 2009

DevDays09: Wrap Up

This year the usual TechDays event focused exclusivelly on Dev contents, and reduced to two days. I was help at IST’s campus on Tagus, a smaller but also cosier space. I did three sessions, all of them on the ARChitecture track:

ARC206 Patterns & Anti-Patterns. I did this session together with Tiago Pascoal, and we mostly talked about Architectural Anti-Patterns (and not Patterns/Design Patterns), in a Developer-oriented session. The original TechEd EMEA 2008 session we based it off was one of the best I’ve seen yet, at and I think we managed to surpass the original delivery and contents with examples and real-life experiences.  We had very good feedback on this session.

ARC208 O que há de novo no BizTalk 2009. I do one of these every two years :-). It’s a difficult session to do, because the next release of BizTalk Server has mostly small incremental features, and because there are lots of them. I did two demos, of the developer experience and the new Sql Adapter, to break the sequence of slides, and also mentioned the ESB Guidance 2.0, the relationship with Dublin, and the ISV Royalties program.

ARC209 Windows Azure – Introdução aos .Net Services. This session was similar to my presentation last year on this same topic (when it was still called “BizTalk Services”), but with more deep technical content and demos. The main host of the session was Pedro Félix, I mostly did the connection to real-life use cases, some clarifications, and the final segment on hosted Workflow, the third component (with the Access Control and Service Bus) of .Net Services. This session had a very high rating.

All the presentations are available here for download in PDF format at my Skydrive.

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