Thursday, November 20, 2008

ESB Guidance 2.0 (CTP)

There’s an announcement around for the ESB Guidance 2.0 CTP (October 2008). It’s good to know that this is already getting worked on to have new features and work with the upcoming BizTalk Server 2009. The strange thing is that I can’t actually find the download anywhere: it’s not at Codeplex, and I can’t find it at Connect.

According to the post, the new features are:

  • Alignment with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 ( Beta )
  • ESB Configuration tool
  • Centralized itinerary store
  • Itinerary resolver components
  • Itinerary forwarder pipeline component
  • Itinerary selector pipeline component
  • Itinerary designer
  • Centralized configuration uses Enterprise Library 4.0 Configuration Block
  • Centralized caching uses Enterprise Library 4.0 Caching Block
  • Multiple service invocation using both messaging and orchestrations
  • Itinerary BAM tracking
  • Improved ESB Core engine and itinerary execution
I hope the installation process is improved and that non-US regional settings are supported. Those were a huge barrier to adoption of the ESB Guidance, on my view.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back from PDC08, back from TechEd EMEA 2008, session done yesterday at the Architect Forum 2008. The trip to PDC08 was very interesting, on the same level as the 2005 edition, now focused – obviously – on cloud computing. TechEd was interesting for me especially because of the Architecture track, which was the best I’ve ever attended, but the best was being at the Ask The Experts BizTalk booth: we had several people going by with interesting questions and challenges, and I got to do several contacts. Yesterday in Lisbon I did the afternoon session at the Microsoft Architect Forum 2009, representing GASP and together with José António Silva and Nuno Godinho as the developer. The topic, obviously, was around the cloud.

I have several posts to do, I’ll try to add them in the next few days.