Monday, February 26, 2007

ArchCamp 2007 Field Report (part 2)

Like I said previously, each team presented their solutions to the Region President and his Assistant, who later asked questions about each approach. All the approaches were very high level, and the view of Architecture was perhaps that of an Enterprise Architect, very close to the business needs. Hugo Ribeiro is posting some pictures, and the event's blog will contain both the problem statement and the proposed solutions.

The Design Lab ended with an open space for questions by the audience to each of the groups, and the event was wrapped up with a final Debrief and evaluation. Some interesting suggestions were presented to future events, like doing a continuation of the Design Lab to further detail the technical approaches of each team. Also, analysing how each team self-organized to work on the project is something that is worth sharing. If you have a team of 6 Architects, several of them used to being team leaders and point the direction, it's certainly interesting to share how did they work together.

A final word of thanks to the event's sponsors, starting with Microsoft which again supported the event, but also Agilior, Create It, Primavera BSS, and PT.COM/Sapo.

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