Friday, March 3, 2006

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) e DSL's no Slashdot

Tem estado a decorrer uma interessante discussão no Slashdot sobre os méritos do MDA, com alguns comentários a abordar as DSL's da Microsoft, bem como os méritos da modelação em geral.

Fica o link.

"Four years ago, Ask Slashdot asked if anyone was using a Model-Driven Architecture. The number of MDA tools are now almost overwhelming, and I strongly believe that comments to the same questions would be rather different nowadays. What are the drawbacks, difficulties and limitations of MDA? What percentage of code can actually be generated? I would like to add a few more: is it realistic to create a custom GUI rather than CRUD operations with these tools? Finally, what about Microsoft, the new competitor on the scene, and their DSL Tools?"

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