Friday, August 27, 2004

BPI, Architectect's Journal e dicas Biztalk


Entretanto, no campo do Biztalk, tenho-me deparado com alguns problemas desagradáveis

a FAultMessage (na Port Surface) não pode ter espaços

o problema do,guid,abdd6ca2-e964-437d-8bee-0188ec5b5afa.aspx


Scalability and High Availability in BizTalk Server 2004

The architectural components of BizTalk Server 2004 that facilitate scalability and high-availability are based on robust methodologies and mechanisms embedded and integrated within BizTalk Server, SQL Server and Windows Server 2003. This multi-faceted scalability and high-availability architecture provides numerous options for designing OSS/BSS integration applications that can be expanded to meet any performance and growth contingencies on an incremental or exponential basis without any operational disruption.

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