Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Webcasts: SOA, WSE, Biztalk

Os webcasts da MS são das formas mais interessantes de ter overviews rápidos de determinada tecnologia ou tema. De entre os webcasts dos próximos dias, seleccionei os seguintes, que recomendo:

MSDN Webcast: BizTalk Server 2004: WSE 2.0 and SQL Reporting Services – Level 200 - 6 de Julho [Cancelado]
MSDN Architecture Webcast: patterns & practices Live: Integration Patterns – Level 200 - 8 de Julho


Agora só é preciso ter tempo para tudo...


Outra curiosidade: os reports que recebi do TechEd relativos a SOA mantiveram a impressão que tinha até aqui, isto é, que continua tudo a ser muito "teoria-ware". No entretanto, dois dos capítulos do documento de Integration Patterns são interessantes por serem um pouco mais concretos, e deixo aqui os links:

E ainda outro, só para fechar :-), uma nota da ZapThink sobre o que significa afinal "Loosely Coupled" no SOA, do qual cito dois pedaços:

  • Getting away from the One Component / One WSDL Mentality: One of the wonderful things about SOAs is that they have contracted interfaces. A software contract is a document that specifies what a particular application or functional component expects of consumers and what those consuming applications can expect of it. [...] The cardinal sin induced in this case is the notion that each component must have only one WSDL description, or that a WSDL file can only map to a single component. In a truly loosely coupled SOA, the opposite is far more desirable. In such an SOA, a single piece of application functionality can map to many different WSDL documents – each specifying how a particular group of consumers can access that functionality.
  • Stop Static Binding! : SOAs are often visually described as a three-legged triangle in which there are three participants: the Service producer, the Service consumer, and the Service registry. Yet, early adopters often make the mistake of forgetting about the third corner of the SOA triangle: namely the dynamic binding aspect.




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